ValFast - The "Spindel Wedge" (Art.Nr 017V-01)

ValFast - The robust spindle wedge with which the strenuous and time-consuming wedging of the trees belongs to the past. This is how you can leave the ax or the hammer at home. Designed for use with impact wrenches, it can also be operated with a ratchet at any time ....



640,00 €

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ValFast - Premium Komplett Set (Art.Nr 017KO-01)


Makitia DTW1002 Impact Wrench incl. 24mm nut

2 pcs. 5 Ah batteries

dual charger

Belt pouch suitable for battery



1.250,00 €

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Adhesive tape for forestry tape repair (Art.Nr 017KL-01)

A specially developed adhesive tape with high adhesive strength, very high tear strength, UV resistance and water resistance to strengthen damaged areas on forestry tapes or to permanently repair torn forestry tapes.

The repair of the measuring tapes can be carried out directly in the forest without expensive riveting.


12,00 €

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ValQuick - The "Cone Wedge" (Art.Nr 017Q-01)

The "ValQuick" cone wedge is the sensible addition to the ValFast when it is used with a impact wrench. It is ideal for cutting trees that require little lifting capacity or to loosen clamped chain saws quickly and easily. In addition, it can be used for repositioning the ValFast. The ValQuick is designed to be carried easy and uncomplicated in the belt.

158,00 €

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Rent instead of buying - "ValFast" or the "Premium Complete Set" rent

With this offer you have the possibility to rent the ValFast or the premium complete set including ValQuick. This allows you to process time-limited logs efficiently, quickly and safely.


The price refers to the rental period of 1 week.


Please check if one of the complete sets is still available in your desired period! Use the calendar below.



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