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News 08/2018:

No remote ValFast from BaSt-Ing!


BaSt-Ing stopped the further development of a remote controled ValFast, based on the experience gained during development of this product.

The remote technology of spindlewedges has a couple of safty isssues which leads to additional risks for forestry workers! 

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Measurement of lifting capacity  - ValFast

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Customer Feedback:

Marcus P. (Rheinlandpfalz / Germany)


We cut the hole year mainly strong spruces on a motormanual basis, and we have been using spindle wedges for a long time since they make the work much easier. Unfortunately the experience with competitive products was not satisfactory with regard to longevity. Then we got a ValFast, a large Milwaukee impact wrench was already available. Since then, we have been working only with the ValFast and the impact wrench but without any ax or hammer! With two 5AH batteries we come in the normal case over the day without having to recharge. For safety, a ratchet is always in the vehicle. I especially like the robustness and the stressless work but simultaniously increasing hte cbm/day rate and therewith the revenue!

We do not want to go back in time and hit the ax anymore!

See the video below.


Johann. S. (Ronsberg / Ostallgäu)

At the Forestry Fair in Offenburg I saw the ValFast for the first time live. At that time i had already the intention to get a spindle wedge. The robustness and the option to drive the wedge with a impact wrench convinced me at the fair stand ,so I bought the ValFast directly at the fair. I use the ValFast since then with a Makita impact wrench and i am very satisfied! What I appreciate very much from the beginning is that I can leave a much stronger breakline than normal, which reduces the chance of cutting a tree "dead". Particularly when working in front of the harvester is very pleasant ...

For the cleaning of the trees of moss or dirt I personally still like to carry an ax with me.

With 2 pieces 5Ah accumulators I come in the normal case over the day, for security I have two small 1,5Ah batteries with it.

Amusing are often the skeptical looks of the colleagues when they see me for the first time with the impact wrench in the forest. After a few trees, the skepticism then gives way to interest. A colleague was so "motivated" by the performance  of the impact wrench in combination ValFast that he operated his wedge from another manufacturer with a impact wrench, after 3 trees the ball bearing of the spindle wedge has passed ;-)